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Talk Nerdy to Me….. the sequel

May 27, 2008

It is inevitable that relationships are going to evolve in modern time. I always assumed that this would mean the chasing game would get a bit easier or, guys and girls would start to understand each other but no. We’ve just evolved to hiding behind a computer screen. The Internet is here and its here to stay.

I feel like our generation lost our personal connection with people. We are constantly texting, messaging and chatting as major forms of communication. This leads to a whole world wind of problems for relationships. What ever happened to the Internet just being “the Internet”. Now days… if you don’t change your status or check your messages every couple of hours an argument can brew and it doesn’t stop there. Ever try and talk about something serious in a text message? Its impossible to get your point across yet we still converse this way even though we know the person, we still find comfort in hiding behind that screen no matter how small it is.

The Internet can be a great place to meet people, or a cold and faceless way to get rid of them. With these networking tools people allow them selves to take risks with people they normally wouldn’t or people in different area codes. It creates a comfort zone which allows you to talk to someone you would normally think is out of your league. I’ve met, hooked up and dated people I never would of originally thought I had a chance with all thanks to this modern world we live in. For the most part online talking is a good prequel to spending face to face time. Most first meetings are incredibly awkward but the Internet allows you to move beyond that to some what of a friendship before tripping over your own feet in person.

What goes up must come down and even though relationships have evolved so has the modern break up. I feel that the best way to break up with someone is in person but online can also be fairly useful in communicating without getting angry and letting emotions get in the way of getting your point across. This is only effective after the official in person break up has happened. Actually breaking up online… really lets face it… its the cowards way out. The worst part about these break ups is if this person is part of any of these online communities. Its almost like dating someone you work with and then its over. You have to see this person everyday and hear about them from co-workers. The Internet makes you feel the same. News feeds of what that person is up to or seeing their face in random pictures with, now, mutual friends. The one saving grace that real life doesn’t and the world of technology is the ever so amazing “delete key”. In a matter of seconds you can delete them from your life and start to move on.

Moving on has never been easier. These days we literally have the whole world at our finger tips. Filling in that missing void is as easy as just flirting online with the right person. Companionship is incredibly easy to find in a virtual world, you can pay for it with a cam or dating site, pretend you have it with a little porn or actually find a real person if your lurking skills are up to par.

If this is the modern relationship timeline… what the future holds?


Quoi? Dating?

March 7, 2007

Dating. I say “fuck dating” and as my best friend said to me a couple days ago: “Dating is way too overrated, who even dates anymore?”

Well, I tried this dating thing people speak of and turns out, it ain’t my cup of tea. I got shafted after three “dates” and lots-o-sex. Thank the Lord Jesus up above(i like to be dramatic sometimes…) we had sex because if not for that, these three “dates” would have given me NOTHING (bitter much?).

After the girl called me and told me that she wasn’t ready for a relationship and the whole shabang, I started thinking: perhaps I was too used to being in a relationship that I just didn’t know how to date? Then, I started thinking about my “mistakes”.

First mistake: I talked too much about my ex. I’m very well aware that the subject of the ex is a big nono usually but she’s a very good friend so I couldn’t NOT talk about her. Also, as the girl was going to attend a party of mine, she was actually going to meet the ex. I don’t think that helped.

Second mistake: Introducing her to almost three quarters of my friends present at my party. I believe that was a bit too quick. Again, I didn’t really clue in.

Third mistake: Now, this mistake wasn’t mine. While chatting during my party, my good friend declares that when “Marie comes to Toronto next time, you should come too!”. Alright, even I knew that was wrong!

Fourth mistake: Calling her the day after our first date and emailing her to tell her how much fun (fun=good sex) I had with her. Apparently I came on too strong. I say “pffff” to that.

So basically I suck at dating. I just want to meet someone that I get along with and chill and not necessarily have to go have drinks and go out and ask questions about each other… We can do that step by step…. while watching tv, smoking a joint or playing Nintendo.(Okay I didn’t list “playing Nintendo” as a mistake because she really did like that idea, hehehe) It’s so comfortable to be in a relationship and dating is the opposite I find. I never actually dated my ex; it just happened!

There goes another rant from Marie. If anyone has anything to say that I should know about the world of dating(especially lesbian…or bi), go right ahead. Stay tuned for more ramblings because I’m full of them.