Kamasutra: Nine Types of Blows


Positions apart, the Kamasutra also recommends the innovative use of the penis during the act of making love; nine types of blows may be struck with the penis, but of these only the most natural- the gentle forward stroke- or Upasripta that is instinctive to even the most untutored man will result in clitoral stimulation.

The other eight are:

Manthana or Churning: Grasping the penis and moving it in circles inside the yoni (vagina)

Hula or Double-edged Knife: The penis is thrust sharply into the yoni.

Avarmardana or Rubbing: when the lady’s hips are raised by a pillow, and the man strikes a rising blow

Piditika or Pressing: if with breathlessness, the penis is pressed deep inside the womb

Piritak: hitting of groin with the genital organ. leads to tremendous excitement in both partners.

Nirghata or Buffet: withdrawing completely, if the womb is struck violently by the penis

Varahaghata or Boar’s Blow: the penis is continuously pressed on one side of the vagina

Vrishaghata or the Bull’s Blow: if the man thrusts wildly in every direction, like a bull tossing its horns

But hey, no need for men, we can do it on our own.


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3 Responses to “Kamasutra: Nine Types of Blows”

  1. m1atthew Says:

    no toy could ever do as good as cock

  2. Julie Says:

    haha, you wish!

  3. princessque Says:

    do you have tips for cunni so that they can’t do it without us?

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