(In)sensitivity of the Circumcised Penis


So what are you circumcised men really missing out on, sexually speaking? Sure, apart from bypassing a few Craigslist ads stating a preference for intact dick, I’ve never been aware of any discrimination. Heard complaints, and have complained, that intact partners were too quick to orgasm. So nothing, you’ll tell yourself… while you remember running you hands through the hair of someone giving you what had every appearance of being a splendid blowjob and yet being detached from the experience, for the simple reason that you didn’t feel it very much.


Some strongly opinionated minds consider it an anachronistic blood ritual, while others will politically correctly rephrase that there is no medical reason for doing it.


On the other side, surely you’ve heard about the high-profile studies associating male circumcision  with significantly lower HIV-infection rates in Africa, and older studies claiming a link with lower rates of specific STDs including syphilis.


But for those of us who practice safe sex anyway, let science do what it’s good at: answering precise questions, and raising some more. The study is titled “Fine-Touch Pressure Thresholds in the Adult Penis” published last April in the British Journal of Urology. Its conclusion may seem obvious to those of us with only a lay interest in the penis, but it’s controversial, nonetheless: uncut dick feels more. A lot more.


According to their unprecedented comparative sensory mapping of the penis, proffering 19 zones, missing from the circumcised male are 8 out of them. The study concludes that those areas have most of the sensory action. And in the other 11 areas, the study showed sensitivity deficit between 2 and 33%. Even if the doctors were to present this information, I’d venture that most parents taking the decision for their newborn son wouldn’t weigh this factor as much as others. It seems to me like the logical alternative- having the male choose for himself- is as reasonable as impractical/impossible an option- for all sorts of reasons.


So the thought occurs to me that you silent and ambivalent circumcised majority are detached and apathetic and ambivalent because you don’t know what you are missing.


I’m not taking sides on the morality of the question. But scientifically, and sexually speaking, it’s not like you’re cutting off plain old skin. The analogy would be more like removing your lips, since the lips are also way more sensitive than the skin around them. But let’s not try to picture that.


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7 Responses to “(In)sensitivity of the Circumcised Penis”

  1. emily Says:

    does this mean that uncircumcised guys are more likely to cheat??

  2. françois Says:

    Probably not since both take pleasure. It’s just the intensity that’s different, and since there is no comparaison point for one individual (unless a man would get cimcumcised in adulthood) we are all likely to cheat…

  3. Julie Says:

    i believe cheating has more to do with insensitivy in general than with penis zones sensitivy level

  4. The Naughty Diva Says:

    I knew that foreskin had a lot of nerve endings, but I didn’t know to what extent. Thanks for posting.

  5. françois Says:


  6. m1atthew Says:

    i agree, i know guys who cheat and most are circumcised (don’t ask how i know)

  7. Julie Says:

    it would be like saying that girl who orgasm more easily would cheat more??

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