Make your own sex toys… hot or not?


Make Your Own Sex Toys: 50 Quick and Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects
Make Your Own Sex Toys

Now… im all about DIY but making your own sex toys?!

This book includes things like how to make your own leather leash, lotions and potions, and crochet collar. Granted bringing in some random foriegn objects in the mix might be interesting but CROCHET COLLARS?? I actually know a girl who would more than likely make this and probably do it openly while watching a hiphop show and its totally amazing… but personally I can’t imagine being on the bus and crocheting a collar for a future sexual adventure.

Personally I am not attracted to “cheap”. I don’t like my date being cheap and I don’t want my sex toys to be cheap either. Granted if i was stuck on an island with no shops perhaps my mind would change a little.

How would you introduce that into your sex life? Oh hey there boy.. “I made you a leather collar snuggle puff!” or perhaps “hey buttercup I made you a willy warmer”.

Probably of my favorite parts of finding this book is that Amazon sells it USED!!!!! for just a little over three dollars and they only have one left in stock of the new versions. Why in the world would you want someones used sex toy book? But I suppose if you are going to try and save money on sex toys you might as well save money on actually buying the book. You think the sell is just selling it to fund their sex toy purchases from actual sex toy sites?

Has anyone ever tried anything like this? Any experience stories? Anyone have their own DIY sex toy ideas?



2 Responses to “Make your own sex toys… hot or not?”

  1. Julie Says:

    ooooh sounds like fun!!

    the build-up of energy that makes someone crave making their own toy is probably that which they would have spent on real satisfying sex

    i heard some veggies work just fine

  2. françois Says:

    I feel like the veggie on the picture is going to explose when you turn it on! And unless you have a veggie fetish… this doesn’t sound too appealing to me

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