Red Hot


You’ve heard/looked for the yellow showers, the fecal fantasies. Yet another bodily fluid stays with what belongs with the distorted, alongside fucking  horses and dying from it, pedophilia, and rape (although it’s a very common fantasy amongst women- more on that later) ; that-time-of-the-month, or what my friend affectionately calls Nintendo-week.

So you have the extreme fetishist who’ll look for women drinking blood from a dripping tampon over their mouth. They’ll marvel at overflowed maxipads, stained white panties, and everything that red sex is not.  

Here comes Freud    
So why obsess over such a gross thing as feminine hygiene products gone… unhygienic? Of what I remember of my psych classes, fetish objects serve the function of blocking some trauma by… distorting and amplifying. A single thing of the whole captures the attention of someone in immaturity and sticks with him as he grows- it could be high heels, white panties, unshaved armpits, rubber swim caps. I leave it to your imagination what could have triggered menstruation fetish, but I’d venture to say that Freud would mention the return to the Origins; a bloody vagina.     

In porn, the guys don’t seem to care about the mess, and the girls look more than comfortable. Oral sex is still done. But often, the blood comes from a tea bag inserted into the actress’ vagina. 

Why the taboo? 
Then, why don’t actresses do it when they’re actually having their period? Why hide… a quarter of a woman’s sex life? (for those unlucky for whom it lasts the said week).You’ll reckon that even feminine hygiene product advertising avoids mentioning menstruation by pouring a blue liquid on the sanitary item to demonstrate its absorptiveness.Many religions have traditions that might have contributed to the stigma. In orthodox Judasim and Islam, there’s a ban on sex during menstruation. Some traditional societies sequester females in “menstrual huts”. In Hinduism, a woman cannot be part of religious ceremonies for the first 4 days of the cycle. And I remember when I was in India, the woman who usually cooked for us was not allowed in the kitchen during her period… all she was allowed to do was the cleaning.The only non-X movies I’ve seen that mention menstruation is in My Girl, when Vada gets her first period, she only gets explained about it off camera. Or in Carrie… I remember her first period as the starting point of her telekinisis which led… to murder. No need to say that overcoming the menstrual taboo is hot debate amongst feminists.

 In Menstruation: Porn’s Last Taboo, Trixie Fontaine, camgirl, complains “i was determined that my porn site be honest about me, my sexuality, and my body- how could my site be genuine and real if I ignored and hid the fluid coursing through my cunt once a month?”

On her main page (, you can read “Most porn shows us living our sexual lives as though our periods don’t exist sending the message that bleeding is not natural or sexy. I insist that it’s every woman’s right to be sexual . . . no matter HOW messy her pussy!!! Cyclical bleeding can be beautiful, sensual, freeing, fascinating and fun. I hope you enjoy my unique red gift to you! –Trixie”

Ok fine, there’s looking for period porn, and there’s just doing it. I mean, our hormones don’t just disappear during that time. I guess it’s even more of a reflex to type golden showers or poop show on youporn then to marvel at the monthly shedding of the endometrium and how messy it can get if you want it to be. I’d risk the hypothesis that the only experience that men have with blood is pain and injuries, and that’s why they’re so turned off. But as Trixie would say, isn’t menstruation the ‘sexiest’ of bodily excretions? It does come out directly of the vagina. Although it’s possible that guys might relate more with urine.

Period sex can be good and clean, or messy if you want it to be. Trixie: “I wanted to display my period as fresh, free-flowing, messy puddle of fun, not just something to be stifled and absorbed by a piece of garbage”.

I’ll admit that I’ve never had a sexual fondness for my period. I’ve cursed at it plenty of times. Although it’s kinda reassuring when it comes. I remember being so thin that I wouldn’t even get my period, and I remember missing it- I didn’t feel as much of a woman. While the blood doesn’t bring any comfort and carries some odor, and I can’t say I want to fingerpaint in it,  I definitely find it more natural than, let’s say, the ever-popular stuff that camgirls have to do…extreme penetration shows, bukkake, fucking themselves with beer cans and baseball bats. That stuff you wouldn’t find gross before trying it, so… try this, tell me what you think.

by Vanessa Tiegs. Collected her menstrual blood throughout 36 periods in a moon cup


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