Was your sex health program at school good?


Personally mine were AWFUL.

The first time I ever had a class in sexual health was in junior high. Our industry tech teacher taught the class. The back of our class room even had another class working and cutting wood building race cars, all While we are at the front of the class learning how to put a condom on a banana.

Later on in high school I had another course and our principal was suppose to teach the course but he was to shy to teach it. Therefor we had a substitute teacher every class and nothing continued from the class before. He would ask us to write questions one day and nothing every got answered the next class.

During my 12 year school career those are the only class’s I had on sexual education.

What was your sexual health program like?


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6 Responses to “Was your sex health program at school good?”

  1. emma Says:

    Mine were awful too.
    They we’re more like classes on STDs and the teacher was a nun who believed (and kept telling us) the only safe sex was no sex.

  2. françois Says:

    Mine was great… actually it was in biology class in 3rd year of highschool, the teacher was woman built like a fridge. She spoke in the rudess language. I pretty much remember everything she said, she was the funniest woman I met.

  3. Josh Says:

    Sadly Bex, since we went to the exact same schools, I got precisely the same horrible sex ed that you did. Your description of the junior high sex ed class down in the tech shop made be laugh, but want to cry… it was so awkward with that certain Mr. C, and so brutal!

  4. tyler Says:

    Like you, I had a sex ed class in Jr High that lasted half of the year. It was brutal. It was called HEALTH CLASS actually, and we spent maybe 2 weeks on the any sexual subjects; most of it dealing with male ejaculation and “wet dreams”. The other half of the class was spent on the evils of smoking and fatty food. Thats as close it ever got; mind you, I live in a small, close-minded “city” of God-fearing gov’t workers. I mean, the health teacher still called shit “stool” and the penis a “private”.

  5. Dale Says:

    Man, I went to the same school and was in the same grade as you. And I don’t even remember having that class! Maybe they didn’t want me to attend so they gave me the wrong room number… guess thats why i had that one class alone everyday in the janitors broom closet.. I knew something fishy was going on.

  6. projectbex Says:

    hahahahahah Dale I think you should look into that one a bit more. The one I has was when i was in Inter-ed on the blue team in junior high. I think you were on the orange team then right? maybe it was different then. hahaha

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