Food for Lovers


Eating right is a goal in itself. But if you need another reason to eat healthy:

Fats and oils contain Vitamin E: studies on rats and mice showed that a diet without vitamin E would lead to impotence in males and miscarriages in females. When the levels are restored, the symptoms are reversed. Choose healthy fats (olive oil in salad dressing, fish), not deep fried chicken and chips.

Grapes/wine contain resveratrol: mice on a resveratrol diet can solve mazes (you know what I mean…!) better than those who drank strong alcohol instead. Resveratrol in wine also alters the structure of beta-amyloid, which is the compound that deposits in the brain in high levels in Alzheimer’s disease, so that it accumulates to a lesser level.

Fruits and vegetables contain anti-oxidants: less fat deposition in the blood vessels. Bad circulation, lumpy erection.

Chocolate, of course. Contains phenylethylamine: this compound is related to falling in love. Also found in peanuts. Moreover, chocolate increases the amount of Nitric Oxyde, which induces vasodilatation and thus triggers erection: the same principle as Viagra, which was originally developed as a muscle relaxant. But you would have to eat a fat load of chocolate! You might also want to know that chocolate and marijuana share some chemistry: the chemical anandamide in chocolate fits the same receptor as the active ingredient in pot. Cassanova used to eat chocolate before… well, anytime of the day.

No Meat: was believed to be sexually inflammatory by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (the Frosted Flakes guy). This is a very general affirmation, however, you should know that Dr Kellogg introduced sports as a way of being healthy and offered light therapy against depression (which is a proven clinical method). He believed that meat would rob the body of energy necessary for health.

No carbs: Some Italian women say that ‘if you want your man to perform, don’t feed him pasta’. Or rice, potatoes, bread, etc. While the common belief is that carbs give you fast energy (which they do), the fact is that sugars release tryptophan, which enhances the brain’s ability to absorb serotonin, which relaxes you. And your penis.

Every aspect counts… looking forward to your tales of success.


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