Male Enhancement Procedures Part II


Contaminants found included mold, yeast, dangerous E. coli bacteria, pesticides, and lead. But then again, those contaminants are pretty much in everything that also does not make penises bigger. Remember, it’s not because a pill is labelled ‘natural’ that it means it’s safe. E. coli is natural.

Penis pump
A penis pump is a tube in which you put your penis, you then pump up a vacuum inside which makes blood flow into your penis. You then put on a penis ring so the blood will stay inside your penis. This will allow your erection to last while having sex.

Downsides: obviously not permanent, might get blisters on the penis (probably on your fingers too), damaged capillaries from overuse, temporary impotence. Oh yeah, and that’s not to make the penis bigger, it’s to make it actually stiff. It’s like Viagra, except it doesn’t work:

A study was published in the British Journal of Urology International in 2006: A group of men with small penises willing to use penis pumps three times a week, for twenty minutes each session, over a period of six months. A clinically tested vacuum erection device was used, not a sex shop product. At the end of the study there was an average increase of 0.3 centimeters, which is not statistically significant. But even though this average increase is minor, 30% said they were satisfied with the “treatment”.

Smart alternative
Trimming pubic hair will make the penis look bigger.

For overweight men, losing weight will have the same effect.

But it’s not just looks, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…


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