daily confession


Speaking of desensitization (previous post); well, it does not happen. In a week, the long P and I have covered more than I ever have with previous partners. I don’t know what he’s going to teach me next.

So I don’t know/care to what level he thinks we’re close, because we’re not, but he started talking during sex. I guess it’s his way of keeping my attention in between orgasms. He’s good. If anyone can ask me to cum again, it’s him. And he did. Hot and confident, but not too much. But it made me start to laugh hysterically, with his face so close to mine. Like, I could not stop laughing. He pulled off and I sat upright to laugh. His ‘come again’ made me think of the old asian guy working at the convenience store close to my place. Tank you, come agayne?!  Try to explain that to a new lover. I skipped, and proceeded to come again, while I kept my face buried in the couch arm so I could continue laughing. He tried to ignore it and thrusted harder. Daaaamn, the guy is long and patient. I felt ridiculous so I gave him head a couple of minutes later, but I had to stop because I couldn’t stop hearing the voice in my head. Pleeease, come agayne?! I think my body won’t vascularize the brain and the v at the same time. Of course I went on. At least leave a good last impression… If I ever see him again, I’ll just smile from afar. if I ever hear from him again, it won’t be while doing it. Anyway, I think we’ve had enough for a whole month.

He must think I’m a very happy person. mouths should be kept too busy to talk/laugh when getting busy. I hope he doesn’t think I’m retarded. I know I would.



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