I, The Gympho

My attention span never lasts more than two hours when I study- the urge to go to the gym always creeps in. Sometimes, more than once a day. It’s the most superficial place I know, and yet I’m always back for more- it’s a love/hate relationship. Like when I keep calling the guy who won’t get hard for I-dunno-what-reason-but-it-hurts-the-heart-i-don’t-have.

Yeaya I got for the health benefits, to feel happy inside and out.

Aaaaand, for The eye-fuckers: make me feel like I’m standing naked just with a quick look. And somehow it feels great. The fuckables: I undress them with a quick look and am always very satisfied. The blasés; I don’t even get a look, and that makes me stare even more. Oh and also the personal trainers- you know they’ve worked out with more than one woman.

You also have the potentials friends, for example, yesterday, the gay guy on the spinner who’s in top shape and is bored even though he’s at max speed/max resistance: gossips about the magazine he’s reading. So friendly. Twice the new friend’s size: the Ginos. Everytime I go, I feel they got bigger. Now, I know some girls like to feel safe around their man. But for certain (other) parts of the body, bigger is not better. When I could fit two (very-healthy-sized) thighs of mine in one of your arms… you might want to stop spending your weekly check on Weigh And Egg Weightgainers. And finally, the sweaters: almost make me feel guilty of not sweating the 45% of water my body is made from. Dude it’s called an antiperspirant and most importantly, deodorant. I still like watching them though! I dunno, it’s just totally addictive. Oh and by the way, I also work out while at the gym.

Bonus: tips for gymers *I love it when guys look like they don’t really care how they look- guys and sweat pants… worth sweating. *Stop staring at girls wearing skanky ‘gym clothes’. They know they’re hot.*It’s not because you stopped staring at the skanky girls that you get to stare at yourself in the mirror for like…so long you forgot when was the last time you blinked. *Beware of the geeeerms

I wish my gym crushes actually led to some actual working out, you know, if only I could stop staring and actually do something. maaaaah the only thing I don’t work out at the gym is my brains. I don’t mind



4 Responses to “I, The Gympho”

  1. Brock Says:

    First of all, I dont know what you mean when you say the ” Oh and also the personal trainers- you know they’ve worked out with more than one woman.” Most PTs that I know are totally professional and focused on the training. I hope that you were joking, because it is a very important thing for me to NEVER EVRE hit on a client.

  2. Julie Says:

    we just don’t go to the same gym

  3. pete Says:

    Hey there Brutus, Barock, whatever your name is you might want to LEARN TO SPELL SIMPLE WORDS before you begin WRITING LONG SENTENCES.

  4. Julie Says:

    Hey there Pete, you might want to consider something called constructive criticism

    looking forward to reading your comments

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