Mongamous VS Promiscuous


What are your thoughts on monogamous relationships vs a promiscuous relationship? Which do you prefer?


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8 Responses to “Mongamous VS Promiscuous”

  1. Harlot Says:

    Ah, are we meant to be monogamous? Probably not. Especially when man is predisposed to cheat (cave man distributing his seed to procreate; woman looking for the “fittest” mate to help her survive).

    There were times in my life i was in luuuuve; did i lust for another? All the time LOL (the world is full of beautiful men :P). But at the end of the day all i wanted was to cuddle with my man.

    I want to believe man is capable of monogamy. I mean, faithfulness is something i require/NEED in my relationship. Don’t you? No? Well, go to the desert and start a harem for fuck’s sake. No system is perfect. We lust for others. But there’s a reason why we’re given self-control and dogs, platypuses and other species weren’t. We can do whatever we want but reason stops us–which is HOW IT SHOULD BE, unless your brain isn’t functioning. Emotions are unpredictable/uncontrollable but as human, we have control over our actions.

    I’m a verra selfish girl. No way i will share my man. He better not bring a hussy in my bed. That’ll break my heart and as dirty as it is, it’s the only one i fucking have.

  2. Ophelia Fox Says:

    HA all the readers are sluts!

    I love it!

  3. leila Says:

    Well, I personally cannot believe this poll is an accurate reflection of McGill students out there. Very likely that most simply do not choose to comment, since question may not be interesting enough, or simply that monogamy would be of course the obvious preference and therefore why even bother responding…

  4. Project Bex Says:

    why would monogamy be the obvious choice?

  5. leila Says:

    Because that what most people in a relationship would admit to, even if otherwise. I mean you would have to be stupid to broadcast that you are promiscuous, might as well call your significant other to say that you are a bigamist. Why not just shoot yourself in the head.

  6. teresa Says:

    Yup. Sluts of McGill speak their mind. LOL

  7. Mal Says:

    It’s an anonymous poll Leila.

    You can be in a relationship but deep down crave or prefer a more casual thing…with more than one partner.

    That’s the whole point of the poll.

  8. leila Says:

    Anonymous it may be:) I just think most people would rather LIE on a poll, rather than LIVE a lie. You can’t have it both ways.. either they are living a lie and telling the truth on an anonymous online poll OR they are living the real life and lying on the poll. I’m just saying that I’m inclined to believe the latter.

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