Girls Are Totally Deeper


Memorable quotes from my girl friends

Ja: – Nah Jules, there’s no such thing as too much sex. But there IS such a thing as too much bad sex.
– I would never have known if he was well-endowed or not, I had nothing to compare The Thing to- but he just couldn’t stop complaining about it.

N: – I don’t want to become a doctor, I want to be a veterinarian. At least animals don’t pretend they’re monogamous.
– You should try older men.

G: Nice guys finish last.

L: whoooooa you’re friends with THE Sex-Symbol?

V: My advice is priceless. I used to be a nympho.

S: The difference between ‘just liking’ a guy and liiiiking a guy: you picture yourself having sex with him.

A: – Bed, Sleep? Not with my man. Na, we don’t do sleeping. I do Nutella though

C: – Boys are just something you don’t want to share. I never shared toys as a kid. Like, my lollipop belongs in own mouth. Know what I mean?
– I hate to see you cry. Get laid, do something!
– Don’t worry, you can’t be everybody’s type. I’m sure he’d do you if you paid him.
– Can you believe Boytoy and I went to the restaurant? I totally managed to keep my clothes on for the length of the whole dinner.
– Spring break, finally. I’ll manage to get some sex done.

K: I’m not really missing out on anything, am I?

Ip: I wish you were a guy

anyway, I so get bisexuality.


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7 Responses to “Girls Are Totally Deeper”

  1. chris Says:

    This is a joke, right??

  2. Julie Says:

    my friends are real, and you like it.

  3. leila Says:

    Guys say they want smart girls but we all know that’s not even on their list. Let’s see now.. Boobs, Booze, Bimbos preferably Blonde of course, more Booze, dumb Bitches. Did I miss anything?

  4. pete Says:

    Yea, Pizza!!!

  5. dale Says:

    Blowjobs, most definitely.

  6. mina Says:

    You ‘bad boys’ are soooo…. predictable. But we know what goes on behind closed doors when you are all alone watching reruns of ‘Casablanca’ wishing you were as cool and suave as Bogey. Here’s a hint; a little TLC goes a long way.

  7. pete Says:

    I can’t stand skinny anorexic chicks mind you, I hate fat ones too. As for your so called ‘crush’ theory., you can definitely forget about it.

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