Some Guys Are Just Deep


Memorable quotes from my guy friends. What would I do without you?

F : a woman wearing underwear is sexier than naked; the suspense makes you want it more.

W: – nice guys finish last
– guys are all bananas (see previous post)
– one is good, two is great
– I can picture you with three breasts.

C: I have one-gina syndrome

A: – next one on to-do list: ‘une européenne’
– I don’t really know what a cute butt looks like.

V: – I don’t care if you put on weight, it’ll just make more of you. (yeah the guy was in love)

O: – It’s totally obvious when girls wear padded bras.

J: – nah, clothes just don’t do you good.
– I’m stuck here with [penis’ private name] with nothing better to do than play Scrabble. We both miss you.

M: – Would you love me if I didn’t have a penis?

I’m laughing alone in front of my computer.
Much love



6 Responses to “Some Guys Are Just Deep”

  1. ZZZZ Says:

    What’s with the first letters instead of FULL DISCLOSURE?

  2. gina Says:

    Some guys are just shallow.

  3. Julie Says:

    I prefer them shallow and authentic
    rather than uneasy trying to blurt out something deep
    at least, sadly, for many guys my age.

  4. effierules Says:

    hmm.. I much rather prefer mine long and hard, but I digress..hehe
    Seriously Julie, guys trying to blurt out something ‘deep’? Fergetaboutit they ain’t never changing, never mind at what age. Men are engineered (well at least some of them) for our pleasure. Let’s leave it at that and look to dead poets for our deeper pleasures.

  5. Julie Says:

    “Don’t knock masturbation, it’s sex with someone I love.”
    – Woody Allen

  6. realist Says:

    “Would you love me if I didn’t have a penis?”
    Me-“Sure thing, as long as your bald vibrating head is intact.”

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