Sex, Lies and Casper tapes



Charges target sex taping in dorm
Yale sophomore arraigned in case

How in the world we missed this story is beyond us. But more pertinently, how can anyone named CASPER be bad? Well you can judge for yourself, although our first impression at least from the photo and the initial storyline is “..much ado about nothing..” We are still trying to obtain HER side of the story, since the assumption is that she filed the compaint in the first place. How long before we see more copycat cases like this from those craving 15minutes of fame? YAWN..

NEW HAVEN, Conn. by Associated Press- A Yale sophomore is facing criminal charges, including voyeurism, after showing his four roommates a video of himself and his former girlfriend having sex, according to an arrest warrant.

Casper Desfeux, a Copenhagen native and sophomore who lived in Davenport dorm, told police he recorded the incident without the woman’s knowledge using a camera on his Apple MacBook, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. The woman, who is also a Yale student, found out about the video from one of Desfeux’s roommates, according to police.
Desfeux, 20, said he activated the camera because he just “wanted to see if it worked,” according to police. Police say the woman brought the charges to prevent the sexually explicit video footage from being disseminated around the university or on the Internet.
Desfeux was arraigned yesterday in Superior Court on voyeurism and dissemination of voyeuristic materials, officials said.
“This is a misunderstanding involving two young college students,” said his attorney, William Dow III. “There was absolutely no distribution of anything on the Internet. We’re confident this will be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”
Desfeux told Yale police he never sent the video to anyone because, at 45 minutes, it was too lengthy to process. He also said he did not make still photos from it. Yale police have seized the laptop, camera, and other items, which are being held until they can be delivered to the State Police forensic laboratory for examination, according to the affidavit.


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7 Responses to “Sex, Lies and Casper tapes”

  1. Harlot Says:

    Must everyone have a sex tape? What happened to the old “let’s just rent porn, honey”? I understand that the porn industry is a lucrative business but hey, not everyone is born to be a pornstar. Sheesh.

  2. tommc Says:

    There is always an audience for everything. For example, here are just first 20 of a looonnnng list of actually existing ‘event’ recorded by guiness book;
    1.Pay telephone toss for distance (no coins in phone)
    2.Longest time watching TV without falling asleep. (must include one episode of Different Strokes)
    3.Fastest time to expend one blue Bic medium point rollerball pen (cannot break pen, must be clear plastic kind)
    4.Farthest toss of a Pog (the cardboard ones)
    5.Loudest body noise (may not use your mouth in any fashion, in decibels)
    6.Empty box kick (1ft x1x1 standard cardboard box, indoor and outdoor records)
    7.Tuba Toss for distance
    8.Fastest pitch of a 2 liter soda bottle (in mph)
    9.Duration remaining in the ‘splits’ position
    10.Quantity of various foods eaten in 1 minute (e.g. peanut butter, eggs, ice cream, slurpees, bubble gum)
    11.Longest time going without a shower
    12.Most regulation baseballs/basketballs held at one time
    13.Greatest distance a beer bottle cap has been snapped
    14.Most knots tied in cherry stems in 1 minute
    15.Most dental floss pulled through sinus cavity
    16.Longest game of Monopoly
    17.Fastest time shaving face/legs/head (the shaving beard is a Guinness record…)
    18.Fastest 1 mile time with egg on spoon
    19.Longest time wearing a football helmet
    20.Duration for repeating “This must annoy you”

  3. pete Says:

    Ya forgot
    21. The longest most boring comment ever written on a blog

  4. lenny Says:


  5. leila Says:

    I dunno, he looks HOT;)

  6. reboll Says:

    Well, he does have that typical bad boy look, but I’ve always thought there’s a thin line between bad boy and ‘psychotic’. I’ve just googled Casper and he definitely falls on the latter. Aryan supremacy?? Gimme a break.

  7. Jens Kristensen Says:

    I find it odd even going to court if the film has not left his computer. In Denmark where he is comming from it is quiet normal to film private things.

    It is even normal for girls to post pictures of them selves selling exotic evenings in town for 500-600 dollars (You can guess what such an evening consist of). It is a growing thing due to cutback in the education system, so poor student have to finance their studies alternative.

    I have sent a mail to “Center-Validering” – a danish site monitoring cases of xenophobia against Danes abroad. If he is convicted I guess he will be on.

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