Make Love Not War

I believe that if every adult was sexually satisfied, there would be no war.
And plus, in my politics class, I learned that statistically, wars occur whenever there is a large gap in the ratio of men to women.
You know what to do

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9 Responses to “Make Love Not War”

  1. uda Says:

    That may be so, but the mere effort required for every male (cannot speak for youse ladies) to be sexually satiated would in fact be the primary CAUSE of war. You don’t have to a rocket scientist to see this.

  2. sue Says:

    hmm, actually in my stats class, I learnt that politically, wars occur whenever there is a large reservoir of oil in countries run by greedy despots who thinks women are second class citizens.

  3. ThatFoxyKid Says:

    And Sue, I think that makes sense, after all, you need all of that oil to drive your 5-ton pussy magnet around.

  4. sue Says:

    😦 kids…

  5. tempus fugit Says:

    Love conquers all is a noble sentiment. Unfortunately highly improbable in any practical sense, particularly given widely understood aphrodisiac properties inherent in Power. And we all know that War is really all about Power. Fact is, Love loves Conquerors not Lovers.

  6. leila Says:

    You mean Women love Conquerors not Lovers.

  7. uda Says:

    or ‘Nice guys never get laid.’ VERY true.

  8. ThatFoxyKid Says:

    “Nice guys always finish last.” and “nice guys never get laid” are NOT true statements.

    These are just things said by guys who act BORING and don’t know how to play the game…

    The problem with nice guys is that they are nice because they WANT something in return. I don’t owe a girl anything, and a girl doesn’t owe me anything. I do what I want when I want because it’s fun, and that confidence is broadcast on a subliminal sexual channel that all normal girls can pick up.

    The other thing that “nice guys” do is that they put women on pedestals and treat them as special people. LOL, the funny thing about this is that while a “nice guy” will take the feminist stance and make all sorts of assumptions about why she wouldn’t sleep with him, how she’s “different”, etc, etc, the girl just wants to be treated like a normal person.

    She wants to laugh, she wants to talk, she wants to be fucked, she wants to feel good, just like any other person.

    And you sir, are the one to give her all of that!

  9. leila Says:

    You sound like a nice guy.

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