Sexiest message ever heard from a computer


Scientology has been attacked. Not just attacked. The hacker cohort known only as Anonymous has published a Youtube video declaring war. Finally some good old fashioned kick the bad guys where it hurts… Anyway, heres the link… its the sexiest message I have ever heard coming from a computer.



8 Responses to “Sexiest message ever heard from a computer”

  1. pete Says:

    ?? just same old same old rhetoric. we will do this, we will do that.. What could you possibly find sexy in this monotoned clip??

  2. William Says:

    they did it. Scientology website went down for 3 days and now crashes half the time. Power is sexy.

  3. pete Says:

    And your point is…? I did not even know that there was a Scientology web site. Now, thanks to the cowardynomous doozers their site will actually become popular.

  4. june Says:

    Hi there guys, I may be wrong, but what if the Scientology site crashed because of spiked number of hits as a result of this ‘sexxy’ video?

  5. snob Says:

    If they are that good, why only invade half assed, why not crash the site period?

  6. luder Says:

    Are there ANY sexy scintologists?

  7. William Says:

    To June: Their Denial of Service attack was covered by London’s Sky news and thus it did not crash because of the influx. Scientology has accrued 3.5 million followers and so bandwidth isn’t really a big deal for them.

    To Snob: Have you ever crashed a site? Please explain how it is in any way more powerful than a DOS attack?

    To Pete: Seeing as scientology has 3.5 million followers and seeing as everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows about Tom Cruise and his scientologist views…

    To Luder: Only if you find dumb sexy…

  8. pete Says:

    Attacked.. hmm, it sounds more like its been ‘slapped’.

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