There is no such thing as a FFF – Fun Friend Forever

I call them Fun Friends. Modest advice for making it last when it’s worth it or to know when to break it off.

#1: Word it out. You’re in it for the sex right? So why not ask for exactly what you want. I would love to advise you to be patient until he gets to know your every desire, but really, why wait? Spare the rituals of romance.

#2: Remember, videotapes are forever. So enjoy the present, or cherish the memories, but no tapes.
#3: ‘This has never happened to me before’ Unfortunate disabilities? Fine, unfamiliarities and the predictable effects of one-too-many drinks. He messes up the second chance? Remember, you’re not doing charity. Who cares if he praises your world-rocking orgasm-precipitating abilities, or pretends you’re too tight (let’s not get into the one-size fits all talk) nothing changes the fact that you did not get the time to acknowledge the act had begun. Jamais deux sans trois, so, Next! Although great sex or not, polite ‘‘Goodnight’’ chat is always in order.
#4 :Je ne reprendrai pas mon suçon si quelqu’un l’a liché. Translation : who would want to share her lollipop? I’d rather the guy would not sleep around, or at least, not tell me about it. Call me old-fashioned, but I’d rather have only one FF if he proves worth it.

#5: Shop after you drop. You won’t find yourself actively looking for replacement unless you’re not satisfied. And if so, then drop, now. Broken toy, next! There is no worse thing than bad sex. I’d rather have no sex. And that’s saying a lot.

#6 The F-word. Feelings. It is mean to pretend not to notice his sheepish-admiring gaze with the pretext that ‘the L-word has not been worded out’. Mmm geez… maybe because you guys never got to talking anyways. Best weapon against undesired lovey-dovey pillow talk: honesty from day 1. And you have the right to change your mind, as long as you’re honest with yourself first.
a) Are you willing to make the big step towards a relationship? Beware of mistaking sexual chemistry/infatuation with love. I mean, great sex sends endorphins just as much as love does, and why not have both, but is he/she actually worth it?
b) Feelings in the way? Time to have a look around.

There is no such thing as a Fun Friend Forever. Either upgrade or scratch off. Honestly, I think feelings always end up knocking at the bedroom door/car door/bathroom door…

Any experience you want to share for the sake of statistical evidence?

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11 Responses to “There is no such thing as a FFF – Fun Friend Forever”

  1. glits Says:

    Hey Sister, just thought you might wanna know that FFF means a lesbian threesome. Very chic blog ya got here. Although a little too hetero for my taste:(

  2. dantzig Says:

    Yap yap yap. A lot of talk, so tame. Some sex blog, starting to sound more like a poll blog. Yawn.

  3. lifer Says:

    Actually very mature outlook on love sex and friendship. I find your writing almost too mature, as if you have thought out everything But I suspect you are barely into your twenties, if even that. Anyhow, I agree completely with the asking for what you want in bed part. Well put.

  4. bgair Says:

    “There is no such thing as a Fun Friend Forever. Either upgrade or scratch off.” Like my computer I guess. I can definitely use a bigger drive. lol!

  5. bgair Says:

    Come to think of it, bigger HARDER drive wouldn’t hurt either. hehe

  6. roman Says:

    Fuckable Female Friends. FFF

  7. ann Says:


  8. Anonymous Says:

    What the fuck is this some stupid spelling bee?

  9. veronique Says:

    Fuckable Francophone Females 🙂

  10. Anonymous Says:

    FuckedUP Francophone Females!

  11. peter Says:

    fer heaven’s sakes

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