Shower Sex


Often I see shower sex in film and on t.v. I was wondering if this works for anyone. Stories that I have found from people seem to point towards fear of slipping and difficulty with respect to mechanics. Anyone experienced in this field? Care to share your mistakes or even a success?



17 Responses to “Shower Sex”

  1. Mal Says:

    I’ve never had non-successful shower sex… Although it is harder if the guy is shorter than me.

    You need to do it with the girl bent over, taking her from behind. Never failed for me.

  2. beenthere donethat Says:

    Short guys are ok, but he’s gotta be ‘equipped’.

  3. effierules Says:

    Ok so this is how you do it. You have to gradually increase water temperature until it’s STEAMING HOT and the air gets foggy AND both of you are dripping wet from steam, sweat, and… Yes it sounds disgusting, but not with the RIGHT GUY. Trust me on this.

  4. selma Says:

    All I know is, dont use soap on his, apparently it hurts like hell when soap gets into the ‘aperture’…

  5. bb Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I once attempted standing, with him holding me up against the corner of the shower, but this was a little scary. As others have said, never had a problem if you’re both standing and the girl just bends over.

  7. leila Says:

    That’s ridiculous. Why bother going in the shower if you’re just gonna pump her from rear? The whole point is to fuck ‘in the rain’ so to speak. Lock those lips and enjoy! Kissable lips are hard enough to find. Why waste the view.

  8. nacos Says:

    Never mind the woulda, coulda, I just have the feeling the whole buncha you college kids just have a hard time taking a shower to get clean alone, never mind get LAID while taking one. I mean all I basically see whenver I go out are a lot of GRUNGY dirty piss DRUNK kids looking to get lucky. I assume most dont, they just talk a lot.

  9. nofudge Says:

    So… where are all these shower sex scenes in film/tv that you see so “often”, ’cause I sure would like to run into one. Like excepting of course renting ‘Psycho’ all by myself.

  10. nofudge Says:

    Look, I just read the dude comment just above mine about college kids.. hey dude, let me tell you, there’s a lot more fucking going on inside the college than you think. The shower thing though you might be right about. Cheers.

  11. selma Says:

    Hey, isn’t sex supposed to be like..dirty? Like who ever heard of ‘good clean sex’. Maybe that explains the whole shower sex ‘myth’.

  12. girlpow Says:

    Hey there Fudgeboy, fyi Psycho has a shower scene, but NO SEX. The dumb blonde protagonist gets KNIFED by a KRAZY MANIAC. I mean talk about a damper on libido here. Jesus Friggin JessicAlba…

  13. woody Says:

    “..difficulty with respect to mechanics”?? Seriously dude, you sure know how to make it sound sexy, that’s for sure.

  14. William Says:

    Hey Woody, I don’t write porn for you to masturbate to.

  15. ellen Says:

    Good one! lol

  16. ThatFoxyKid Says:

    The wet adventures are the most fun! There is such a thing as good, clean sex, and this is it.

    Being a tall guy, I haven’t had much success with the face to face in the shower method, only from behind, with a reach around for her lovebox of course.

    I’ve found that her natural lubricity washes off quickly, so a silicon-based lube is bombin: it won’t wash off easily. Personally I love Eros Bodyglide.

    May all of you enjoy an aquatic adventure soon.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I enjoy sex in the bathtub. The level of the water has to be just right, and you need a bath pillow. If your ears are under water and your eyes are closed, you get a certain sensory deprivation effect, which enhances the actual sexual sensations.

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