redlight channel anchor auditions, take 1…


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12 Responses to “redlight channel anchor auditions, take 1…”

  1. pundit Says:

    LOL! I’m personally not a fan of Couric but I can definitely empathize with her nervousness, so very evident in this clip! Frankly surprised given her rep and hot temper that this clip is still in circulation. Also thanks for visiting my blog I think your site is truly awesome.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    God, what an ugly bitch.

  3. gail Says:

    Actually, with $60 million contract under her belt, I’ll bet plenty of guys find her very attractive.

  4. joe Says:

    Let’s see now… take one ugly chick, give her a boob job, a 60million buck contract, presto you have one highly desirable attractive female. No need for a college degree. Never mind double standards, let’s talk hypocrisy.

  5. chill Says:

    Boob job?! well you certainly aren’t talking Katie Couric here, although I can definitely see how double standard talk comes up. After all, I highly doubt if male news anchors have to resort to considering penile implants in order to increase tv ratings.

  6. kate Says:

    Double standard? Rampant. You just have to take a look at Hilary Clinton getting bashed for being wrinkled and..LOOKING tired, for god’s sake. Being female in a misogynistic world is hard enough without some feeble belief that life is gender balanced. Bullshit.

  7. kate Says:

    By the way, yes I find Katie Couric substandard and a little too giggly for national news but that’s who she is. Its also likely she has whatever it takes to succeed in a male dominated media career I mean she certainly did not get that $60 million contract by just being a pretty face. More power to her.

  8. josie Says:

    Has it occurred to you that big boobed women do not anchor national newscast for a reason? ZERO CREDIBILITY.

  9. marge Says:

    Only those who have dared the stage know how nervewracking it is to be on camera live. And exhilarating beyond compare…

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Yea kinda like snorting coke right behind a cop.

  11. earnestly Says:

    now THAT’S funny!

  12. dasaint Says:

    Hire her!!

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