Film Sex Part I: Has the Liberal "Left" left?


Golden Globe nominee “Juno” starring Ellen Page has something in common with box office hit “Knocked Up” starring Seth Rogen and it’s not the fact that Rogen played with Page’s co-star Michael Cera in this year’s “Superbad.” Both films feature unwanted pregnancies in which abortion is closely looked at and then denied. Each produces extremely progressive views of a plethora of social problems and yet when it comes to abortion: neither seems to think it is “right.” At first I thought the industry was pandering to the masses and displaying a more acceptable content, but now I have my doubts. What was once a struggle for a woman’s right over her body is now a victory in the eyes of many. The left has resigned itself to the religious right, but that doesn’t matter because the means to achieve abortion are now in place and therein lies the win. I think the left is currently sitting back and saying, “Shit! Maybe we can explore the benefits of a woman’s choice to keep her child.” So now the left has gone so far around the spectrum it feigns politics of center. Or am I just seeing what I want to see and we are simply facing a more tactful moral right that wants us to give in to pro-life values?


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15 Responses to “Film Sex Part I: Has the Liberal "Left" left?”

  1. Shuang Says:

    Well, like you said it’s a woman’s CHOICE. So she has more than one… there’s nothing wrong with wanting to keep it and there’s nothing wrong with alternative. Maybe the left just doesn’t want to be painted as heartless, souless baby eaters. I was reading about how pro-life supporters new tactics involved actually going to abortion clinics and showing women pictures of their fetuses in the stage of pregnancy they were in as well as true to life figurines that they could hold in their hands. (MY BABY HAS FINGERNAILS??? lol) I personally am not at all against this. Getting an abortion should not be something someone does without careful consideration and thought. It’s not a method of birth control!!!! I would rather young women gave more thought to a very serious choice than brush it aside as something that is a surefire solution or a handy safety net.

    p.s. william is the best ❤

  2. savychic Says:

    Yo dude, nice try but fact is, anyone who knows twit about Hollywood understands that the power hierarchy is all about control. And right now it’s between either the Jews or the Scientology fanatics. The unfortunate examples that you trod out “Juno” and “Knocked up” both share not the political leftist ideology that you wistfully invent but rather simply, a rigid quasifanatical anti abortionist scripted rhetoric. A victory for womans’ rights? Wishful thinking on your part.

  3. nicole Says:

    Hi William, you are cute and can also write!

  4. katie Says:

    (rolls her eyes)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Katie, you obviously either have tourette syndrome or never have anything smart to say.

    My bet is on … both.

  6. katie Says:


  7. vetts Says:

    Interesting. Only because I just happen to read Morton’s UNauthorized biopic of Tom Cruise, where poor Katie has been compared to whats-her-face-character in Rosemary’s Baby… wait now the name will come to me

  8. Anonymous Says:

    MIA FARROW!!!!!!!!!

  9. randy Says:

    Ahem…excuse me I must be in the wrong place, I’m looking for the SEX blog?

  10. William Says:

    Pregnancy is a result of sex.

  11. helicon_blue Says:

    ok dude you obviously didnt GET the premise of “Knocked Up”. actually, you don’t get movie plot lines or progressive storylines at all. the fact that the women in these two movies KEEP the baby and refuse an abortion is what MAKES the story itself. if either of these women had opted for abortion, then what tale do these films have to tell? would it make for good comedy? do you think that if they had gone through with the abortion that there would be as many laughs? being pregnant at any age and being confused as to weither or not they should terminate has its ups and downs no matter what choice a woman decides to make. the fact is that these movies are comedies running at almost 2 hours each. one could only find so many things funny about abortion and make a 2 hour long movie about it. however, getting pregnant at a young age by some awkward yet loveable goofball and trying to go through with this pregnancy with this person just has more material to work with. find me a good lengthy comedy about a woman getting an abortion, and then i’ll take my comments back. however, i think most people would find a comedy about a woman having an abortion actually quite depressing.

    ps: in Knocked Up, abortion is hardly “closely looked at”. actually, it was hardly ever mentioned, and the female character knew right away that she wanted to keep her child with or without Seth Rogan’s character’s help right at the beginning of the movie.

  12. Audra Williams Says:

    It’s surprising to me that you say both films feature women who “seriously considered” abortion before deciding not to. One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about Knocked Up was that it was never seriously considered at all. There is a joking mention of it among the guys, but that’s it.

  13. Audra Williams Says:

    p.s. I totally think abortion is “right”. I am 100% in favour of abortions! I think there should be more of them, not less. Because right now there are people who want them but can’t get them.

  14. William Says:

    Does Heigl not visit doctors? Doesn’t her mother tell her to get an abortion? I felt it was adequately looked at in both films, but if you think abortion was not explored, why is that? How can something so life changing as unwanted pregnancy during the height of one’s career not call for close attention to termination of pregnancy? Also, 20 years ago the left was bent on depressing films about women sticking coat hangers in their vaginas. A film about keeping a child was definitely NOT part of the left’s game plan. At no point did I not “get” the plot lines. The fact that the left is able to make films and joke about the pregnancies is what is beyond the progressive stances taken only a few years ago. And to Audra… I am pretty sure you mean pro-choice and not “100% in favour of abortions!”

  15. dale Says:

    Why do you assume that? Maybe she believes, as I do, that ALL fetuses should be aborted. Enough already. Last man standing will be exactly that, last man standing.

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