lets get intimate

question of the week

Have you ever broken a penis or have had your penis broken?

Tell me your broken penis stories! What happened? How did it happen?




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  1. LimpFun Says:

    Put a rubber band around my cock for 9 hours once and it was numb and limp for 3 weeks. Smoked alot of crack at one point in life so could nvr get my cock up, my gf would use her pinky finger to push crack into my cock the twist it about 2 times around then jerk it til was straight, used to slam it in the door and she would pull it on the other side, would twist it and clam it in her teeth and pull back on it. Another time b4 that a gf would shoot meth into my cock and twicst and jerk on it while I looked at porn. I always loved hearing that crunch sound when would have my cock twisted and pulled from behind me

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