For sale: One (1) orgasm … Cost: $1850.00


Okay, so I came across this news story a few days ago. Basically, women around the world are supposed to rejoice, for illustrious doctors have come up with a new type of surgery, called … wait for it … the G-Shot! They can inject collagen into your pussy, thus plumping up your G-spot area, with the ultimate goal of increasing your sexual pleasure. Brave reader, awaiting you are multiple orgasms and a reinvigorated sex life! Er … thank you, science?

Sure, yeah, orgasms are super. Multiple orgasms? Even better. But still, my reaction to the G-Shot is still a big Blech!

First, there are health risks: There are 68 risks that are associated with the G-Shot. Orgasms are sexy, sure, but for some reason, nodule formations just don’t get me hot and wet.

More seriously though, I feel the G-Shot’s major turn-off is the extreme importance that it is placing on the female orgasm. The fact that a woman reported that getting the surgery increased her self-esteem just kind of illustrates that unpleasant implication of the G-shot: So if a woman can’t orgasm at all (or can’t have multiple orgasms or ejaculate or whatever), then does this mean that she’s a sexual failure and should be terribly disappointed in herself?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the female orgasm is important. In fact, I love that female sexuality and sexual pleasure and orgasms are now discussed in relatively mainstream settings and are taken seriously. After all, one of the goals of the Women’s Liberation movement was in fact to promote women’s sexual satisfaction, hence the rise of Our Bodies, Ourselves and The Almighty Clitoris, and the fall of the man who would pump the woman for four minutes before collapsing and falling asleep. That the female orgasm is acknowledged and is even put on a pedestal in some circles is a huge improvement on the silence that used to exist.

However, I’m starting to think that we’re taking things a little too far. Don’t get me wrong; I love fucking and I fucking love orgasms. However, I don’t think they’re the be-all and end-all of sex. That cheesy saying about the journey being just as important as the final destination applies here, I think.

There’s something very lovely (to put it lightly!) about orgasming, but there’s also something very appealing about fooling around for hours upon hours, exploring the body of another person, teasing him or her, playing with different spots and positions. Sure, in the end, perhaps no one’s orgasmed, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You can’t equate four hours of sexual exploration with an orgasm or two, but you can’t rank one above the other either.

I think that in our time-crunched lives, sex has become in a way almost standardized and institutionalized. There exist books telling us the best ways to have sex, maybe to save us the time and “trouble” of figuring it out ourselves. Plus, with so little time, we actually have to schedule sex. In this kind of setting, no wonder why sex has become painfully goal-oriented! I’ve experienced that myself, and it kind of sucks to pressure yourself to “succeed” and make your partner come. So no, the G-Shot isn’t really helping, because it just tells us that indeed, you actually can fail at sex, and its idea of a cure to this “problem” is by offering to insert bits of extraneous protein into your pussy.

God, with all the pressure to “win” at sex, no wonder why I see so many sex advice columns inundated with women looking for tips on orgasming. It’s telling that the columnists usually respond by counselling these self-tortured souls to masturbate in a low-pressure, comfortable setting, to just forget about orgasming, and to just go with the flow.

I try to keep this perspective when it comes to sex. Sure, it’s difficult and it doesn’t always occur, but I’m trying. Truthfully, right now, my only “goals” when it comes to sex are the following: To have fun and to do it often. Sure, orgasms are important too, but hell, I’m also pretty happy just gettin’ some.

– Yun


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5 Responses to “For sale: One (1) orgasm … Cost: $1850.00”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps one comment regarding this G-Shot should be added -excuse my poor English. I can’t help but ask myself: why the hell is there still such a fuss about trying to achieve orgasm through the “g-spot”? -considering that it is, biologically, nothing but a nervous extension of the clitoris… The g-spot has been an excuse for men to impose a “penetration sexuality”, and a response to what Freud -thankfully dead- called the childish female sexuality (when talking about the clitoris stimulation). Stimulating the “g-spot” is like trying to indirectly stimulate the core of female sexual organ: the clitoris. Perhaps, to put it in a more illustrated manner, it would be like jerking off a guy by pulling on his testies… Oh I bet that some could do it, but really… what a lost of time! If some women are lucky enough to reach climax by “g-spot” stimulation, the vast majority treasure another way to please themselves.

    So I’m not saying that caressing the inside of a vagina is not pleasurable, but it does not correspond to how female themselves, instinctively caress their own bodies. No one teaches us how to masturbate. Not school, not parents (thank god!), not ever porno! So how do most little girls do it? …well I’d bet anything that for most of them, it has nothing to do with the “g-spot”. How bad it is for a woman to be told that since she cannot reach climax via penetration [male sexuality], she needs to go under surgery?! I have an idea: how about we take men, ask them to try and climax by rubbing their penis on a girl’s clit! Should we then tell them that they are not normal to fail and that they should go though surgery? Of course not, simply because it does not correspond with their needs in term of sensual caress! So to hell with those devices, I’m sticking to a recipe that works…

  2. mark Says:

    Am I the only one who gets turned off when girls just ramble on and on about their er…equipment???? Fer heaven’s sake just do whatever it takes to get off. Or not. What’s the big deal. Peace

  3. teresa Says:

    Yea right that’s why viagra is just the biggest profit machine for drug makers since aspirin. Talk about askew. You males are the ones with the ‘equipment’ issues more often than not! Typical macho crap trying to pass it off as girls ‘ramble’. And fyi us girls DO NOT RAMBLE we gossip!!

  4. mark Says:

    Yo there Ho, as you will undoubtly find out, the ONLY reason women do not use viagra’s cause at that age, who wants an old hag?? Face it, its the law of the Jungle. You chicks yak and fuss endlessly about appearance cause you aint got much time left. Us guys understand all this but it dont mean we have to stand around listen to the yapping fer heavens sake.

  5. hmm.. Says:

    This is just so over my head…:(

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