To crush or not to crush?


Crushes are great and , in my opinion, necessary–especially when you don’t have a significant other to crush on–.

For me it pretty much always went (I haven’t had a “real” crush in ages) like so: eye candy (“damn she’s hot, I could look at her and think about what I’d like to do to/with her all day”), the first words (most likely awkward since I’m so freaking shy), the slap in the face (this slap refers to the moment when I find out that she is not into women). There’s a fourth step to this that I rarely take into action but it is to tell this girl that I like her. Why would I do that? Well…just for the hell of it or in case there’s any doubt in her mind that she might like girls.

For entertainment purposes and for anyone that wants to find out how some crushes end up, please read on…

. One of my best friends’ sister that moved about a block away from my apartment two and a half years ago. Because of the “non-distance” between us, we ended up seeing each other every day. Of course (duh!), I just had to develop a crush on her. Therefore, six months after we started hanging out, I sent her an email (you think I would actually do this face-to-face? Pfffff.) telling her I was smitten with her. That was right in the middle of a trip of hers so I waited for a couple weeks before getting an answer. She finally replied with what I expected: thanks, but no thanks. She eventually came back to Montreal and I realised that for some reason, just writing her “the” email, made my crush disappear. She kind of started taking advantage of the fact that I liked her in that way and I became quite annoyed with her. Annoyance continued for about 4 months, or until she moved back to Toronto. We never ever talked about me having a crush on her. Goodbye Renée.

Isabelle. Not much there. She was in most of my classes in CEGEP…she had pink hair…she was hot. I actually never talked to her while in CEGEP but we became friends after and i never told her about the crush. And that’s it….some people.. . you just don’t have to tell them about your crush cause it’ll fuck things up royally.

Ruth (name has been changed). AAAAAHHHH Ruth! (this really doesn’t feel the same since the name change, hehe). She arrived to this wonderful city about 2 years ago and the first moment I saw her I thought she was really cute.. hot…damn fine. My trusty best friend encouraged me to “do something” because she “might” be bi. Well six months later I learned that YES she was bi and had been dating a girl friend of mine(damn it!). Halloween of that same year I told her about my little crush on MSN (again.. you think I’m going to do this face to face? pfff). Turned out she wasn’t interested but she wanted to be friends. GREAT! pffff. So we started hanging out way more and then I got threatened by her now ex-gf for stealing “her girl”. Story’s done. Ruth and I are really good friends now and we still talk/laugh about this crush I had. No awkwardness. It’s perfect.

Moral of the story is that it’s usually so much fun crushing on someone even though it won’t necessarily work out. Just being in “that world” is fun enough. Thinking about it…the two girls I’ve been with, I never actually had a crush on. Bizarre.


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One Response to “To crush or not to crush?”

  1. jadmania Says:

    Hehe, one of my longest lasting crushes were on my two hot next door neighbours. Prolonged crushes during developmental years are not good for your head. Probably responsible in no small part for who I am today 😉 Oh Lord, how many kittens near my house in Kuwait hath thou slaughtered in the 1980’s?!

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