Sex and crafts


It’s no secret that I’m an Etsy addict, so here are some of my favourite sex-inspired finds this week…

Who knew a penis could be so darn cute? Spend those lonely nights cuddling up to this Billy Boner Amigurumi Penis for only $15. Read about the crafty 22 year-old seller here.

This print sums up my life philosphy! I want it. My boyfriend tells me I’m banned from buying any more gocco from Etsy, but what he’s actually saying is, “Only get ones that you really, really like, baby!” (he called me an “inveterate spendthrift” yesterday – I don’t know what it means, but isn’t that just the sweetest pet name?). Evil Vices is available for $15 from Olive47, who may or may not be the bastard daughter of Tammy Faye Bakker…crazy televangelists.

Take the role of Officer Kinky to a whole new level with this red hot necklace, available for $14 from Seattle-based Melissa of Chuckles Central. I imagine it offsetting a black dress with wicked fire-engine stilettos.

Enjoy the slight perversity of storing your birth control pills in this little wallet stolen straight from Strawberry Shortcake, $5 from Plastichearts.



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