On Post Coital Cuddling


One of my best friends is a girl who will kick her one-night-stand out of her bed as soon as the fun is completed. As she has many times re-iterated to me the frustrations that come with having to physically repel someone who wants to hold you after you’ve just has sex with them and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Poor darling, she just wants to sleep after sex and this stranger won’t stop hugging her. I’m similar in a sense, I don’t enjoy having sex with strangers and I will beat a person down if they touch me and I don’t know them (ye have been warned).

Yet when it comes to sex I’m really just a kitten. Treat me well and listen to me, and I will do anything to make you happy. And after sex? kiss me a couple of times, stroke my hair and then go to sleep! I don’t want to hold your hand and talk about my feelings. Not unless I’m in a particularily euphoric mood, and we actually have something worthwhile to say.

On that note here is a particularily crude flash video for you all to enjoy;
Bang Bang Bang
– Jehan



One Response to “On Post Coital Cuddling”

  1. Marie Says:

    sex at night=a tiny amount of cuddles and then lots of great sleep
    sex in the morning=lots of cuddles and perhaps a bit of sleep

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