Spotlight on sex slavery


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3 Responses to “Spotlight on sex slavery”

  1. Yun Says:

    Thanks for posting this. That’s pretty brutal.

    Incidently, the UN wants to make Aug 23 a Slavery Remembrance Day, to commemorate the first large-scale slave rebellion in Haiti.

    It’s a nice gesture, but it rings a little bit hollow once you see that slavery is still thriving even now. 21st-century slavery isn’t very publicized, I don’t think. 😦

  2. Yun Says:

    Oh, and also!

    April 5th is Blog Against Sexual Violence Day. It’s a small gesture to increase publicity about gender-based violence. You can post links to info, personal thoughts, experiences you’ve heart of, etc.

    For more info:

  3. Michelle Says:

    Thanks Yun – it really is shocking to read all of these accounts and realize that it is still such a huge problem 😦

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