thermometer rising


people are showing just a bit more skin around our fair city these days. things are heating up. with our new ahead-of-time schedule in place, spring is taking root. finally. so let’s participate. it’s time to start breathing in some of that out door fresh city air. mmm.
recently, i had the pleasure of chatting with one of those quintessentially-montreal cabbies that are seemingly bred here and only here. our conversation, although it was mainly mr cabbie talking and me listening, bordered on creepy. i won’t hold it against him though, we’re all entitled to make observations. and what’s more, we all know the girls of montreal are, by some twist of genetic good fortune, some of the hottest per capita around the country. and the men, for the most part, are not half-bad either. and this particular cabbie was insistent. he let me know just how much he loved the women in this city. i could practically sense his impending boner and, as my luck goes with cab drivers around this city, i couldn’t help but wonder, why me? again. but those are tales for another time. i’ll just say he likes it when the clothes start to come off in the spring time too. one slow layer at a time. first the gloves come off, then scarves are shed to reveal faces that are more than just eyes again, and bare legs with skirts become the new norm. needless to say it’s his favourite time of year.
and now i’ll agree. the cabbie was right. spring is skin. so let’s all enjoy, do our part and give the man something to pick up his day as he tours the streets. surely it will pickup someone else’s day as well. this is a call to all of those hot ladies and men alike to get out and start moving. let’s breath some more love into this air. and if love’s not in the cards, i’ll settle for some good old-fashioned lust. let’s go.



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