I find this HIGHlarious! Since I bought my friend a cute pack of gum at MultiMags with this quote on it, instead of using one of my most hated words, I say “I just killed some kittens”. Fine, it’s disturbing but then you think about the fact that it’s not actually TRUE!



2 Responses to “meow?”

  1. jadmania Says:

    hahaha… first off, I don’t even wanna think about all the kittens I’ve murdered, or rather, had me main hit man, God-zilla do it on my behalf . In fact, I might soon become responsible for the extinction of the species.

    Will leave the discussion of non-masturbation friendly locations to another time. All I can say for now, is that I’m only inviting you to my next party when it’s warm enough that you don’t need to bring that jacket 🙂 hehe.. just kidding.

  2. Marie Says:

    Jad, you dirty man! And yes.. party soon. it’s an ORDER. And it ain’t gonna be a “killing kittens” party!

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