When You Want To Know Who Has An STI


This past week, one of McGill’s student newspapers, The Daily, ran a story about CheckTonight. CheckTonight is an online “informational tool” that enables people to send in their health information (specifically their STI tests) and see the results from other members on the website. The site was created to help people look up potential lovers in order to ensure that they don’t have the clap, the syph, or whatever other names the cool kids are calling VDs these days. The benefit of the website is two-fold: users can practice safe sex and yet avoid that “unpleasant talk” – and mood-killer –about having an STI. Hmm, a website with a purpose to facilitate guilt-free hook-ups…I won’t be surprised when this is incorporated into Facebook profiles.

CheckTonight is not the only online network which revolves around STIs, but unlike CheckTonight (which denies membership to those who tested positive for an STI), these sites are created for people who already have one. Online dating sites for people with STDs (such as stdmatch.net and the herpes-themed MPWH.com) are more than just a way to look up hotties with um, something in common, but are also outlets for sharing frustration, embarrassment, and the sense of feeling like a social leper. The sites also simplify the otherwise complicated issues that surround dating with a disease. By registering on stdmatch.net there’s no need to worry about the opportune time to enlighten your partner of your condition, or how they will react to the news. There’s also no need to worry about infecting your partner (seeing as they already have the STI), making it easy to tell them that you burn for them (both literally and metaphorically)…now that’s truly guilt-free dating.


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2 Responses to “When You Want To Know Who Has An STI”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    thats a really great idea. The thought has always crossed my mind when I’ve hooked up with someone, and its always such an awkward thing to bring up, for non-STIs and STI people. Not to set a binary on this whole thing, but its good to know.

  2. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    I’m STI/STD-free, but couldn’t get a response on a dating site *even* from a girl whose headline was “Herpes…but I’m cute”.

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