On aging gracefully


I am currently in desperate need of continuous internet service and such and this is why I have been incognito as of late. However I did get the opportunity to catch the following advertisement for Dove on late night television last night. Click Here to see it. I thought it was great! Beautiful and classy and demonstrating that no matter what our age might be beauty remains despite (or perhaps because of) age spots, wrinkles, and a little tummy fat. Although, out of curiosity… why is it that all the advertisements for beauty and such never have Arabs in them… makes me wonder if advertisers are afraid of backlash or even if we aren’t considered as a separate entity in this realm of humanity. hmmm… food for thought.
– Jehan



One Response to “On aging gracefully”

  1. William Says:

    That ad was taken off the air because it offended many people with little to no understanding of decency. I was sad to see it go, but I fear that Arab women would have been a further risk which was carefully avoided by the producers. It might be the opinion of some that Arabs of faith are more easily offended.

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