Ramblings from a bitter lesbian


I also find myself in this situation: I haven’t had any contact more than a couple kisses with any girl in the past, pfff, let’s say, 3 weeks. I feel like I shouldn’t even be writing about sex if I ain’t doin’ it!

I’m getting to that bitter state that annoys every person that IS having sex: “damn you for having someone to FUCK when I don’t!” It’s true, I’m bitter. Too bitter for my own good. I know I’m rambling here and you have my permission to skip this post.

I broke up with “the girlfriend” in November and since then, apart from a few booty calls with her, I went out with another chikidee three times. That obviously didn’t work out because I’m now writing about this. I just want to add that it’s way too hard for me to be able to find ANYone in this city. As mentionned in a previous post, there are plenty(perhaps TOO many) hot girls in MTL. The thing is, they are mostly straight or bi(but let’s face it, they’ll end up with guys). OH, they might be gay but who the hell knows. As I’ve been told countless times before, I look as straight as the next girl so no girls ever hit on me (OH, except butch lesbians: just my luck). Nope.. I always get hit on by guys. And when I kick myself in the ass to actually go out in the Village, I get hit on by… the only straight guy in the place! When I tell them that I am gay they jump back and practically ask me for “gay ID”.

Therefore, for me to actually find (and keep) a lesbian, I would need to either go to all those “gay activities” organized by universities i don’t go to, go to clubs where everyone thinks I’m straight, meet someone on the net who will perhaps turn out to be a psycho OR make myself look way more “gay” which will not happen.

What would guys say to this(in my experience)? GO BACK TO DUDES!

And to that I say “do you even KNOW how hot it is to be with a girl?”

So thank you for listening. I swear my next post will be more… bearable!



11 Responses to “Ramblings from a bitter lesbian”

  1. jadiknight Says:

    Hmm… I guess in a perverse way I identify, cause girls I’m interested in think I’m…. well, not human.

    out of curiosity, how would one look more lesbian?

  2. lisa Says:

    Maybe if you go for dudes more girls will hit on you? problem solved

  3. Marie Says:

    well, Jadmania, indeed you are not human πŸ™‚ hehehe. kidding just kidding. how could i look more lesbian? WELL, people would def. think im gay if I didn’t wear the girlie clothes i wear, if I’d hit on eery girl(which i actually wish i could do) and you jknow…. come on… you know i could look more gay. Im not gonna do like those lesbians that look like guys.. that just defeats the purpose doesn’t it!
    Lisa, yaaaaaaa about that.. I mean I’ve i guess we could say flirted with guys bevfore(you know us girls.. when we need something) but then ‘d have a bunch of guys on me and then I’d have to tell them im gay and then …. ah.. c’est trop difficile!

  4. Yun Says:

    As a bi girl who really digs girls more than boys, I must protest your “but let’s face it, they’ll end up with guys” comment! πŸ˜‰

    But besides that, I’ll share my personal experience: I got hit on by a lot more girls after I cut my long hair and got something shorter and punkier.

  5. Marie Says:

    I’m sorry about that comment.. what i should have said is out of all the bi girls i know, only one is with a girl right now πŸ™‚
    As for the hair.. actually mine is pretty short right now BUT i just dont wanna cut JUST so i can look “more gay” ya know

  6. Yun Says:

    Just because someone’s with a guy doesn’t mean that they’ve sworn off girls, and vice-versa. Don’t write all of us bi chicks off! πŸ˜‰

    As to your problem. Well, people would get the idea that you’re queer if you just hit on them! (I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really hot when “straight-looking” gay girls hit on me …)

  7. Yun Says:

    Oh, and by the way, the deleted comment above was mine. I just deleted it to add some more stuff in.

  8. Marie Says:

    hehehe. well, if i didn,t have a problem hitting on girls.. I don’t think I,d be bitter like i am! I can flirt but i can “cruise”. I suck!
    On the other hand,got a booty call last night or chilling transformed into booty call. the point is, I ain’t that bitter anymore.

  9. Yun Says:

    Hahaha! Very cool. πŸ˜›

  10. Marie Says:

    Very cool indeed…. although this always seems to happen when I’m either VERY drunk or VERY tired. this week it was the latter: I had skied all day and had woken up at 6:30… I was dead. Let’s just say we slept very well after :p

  11. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    Try going without sex for 27 years. Or a romantic partner for 30. Involuntarily.

    I could get a date with a guy any day of the week. But a girl? Not on my life.

    It’s much easier to be perceived as gay if you’re male. Pink bike helmet, anti-rape advocacy, drinking remotely tolerable drinks, having emotions…any of those things make you gay in most of North America’s eyes.

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