On Vanity


Vanity is a strange thing, it walks the line between confidence and arrogance and more often than not it tends to find itself veering towards the latter. I think vanity in and of itself is a hard thing to define…Nietzche wrote that “vanity is the fear of appearing original: it is thus a lack of pride, but not necessarily a lack of originality” and I tend to disagree. I think that true vanity is a mixture of extreme confidence and tempered arrogance. We all have to be a little arrogant because the society in which we live (and I’m referring to North America here) is not one in which the meek are rewarded. In this sense vanity could be defined as a tool, used to defend ourselves against those who would have us, in a sense, diminished.
I am for the most part a confident person, I like who I am and I like how I look. I will also freely acknowledge that I wouldn’t kick myself out of bed even if I covered it with crumbs due to my penchant for crumpets… does this make me vain? I think not, I think it simply demonstrates my confidence in myself… or so I intend to believe. As my friend M told me today, she enjoys looking at herself naked, is there anything so wrong in that?

Of course, where vanity matters the most is in the bedroom. If your partner is self-centered then he or she is less likely to try and help you enjoy yourself. I mean, if I was truly vain I would dispense entirely with men and self-pleasure instead. Luckily for mankind I have not quite reached this point yet.



One Response to “On Vanity”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I agree with you even though you call me vain all the time 😉

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