Selling safe sex

Much has been made of McGill’s Shagalicious Shop – it’s been lauded for promoting safe sex by, The Globe and Mail, Macleans and The Mirror, among others – but what I really love about the Shag Shop is the clever packaging:

Eat out and enjoy!

It follows the same kind of logic as the Rabbit; make a sex product cute and fun, and it’ll sell itself. Box up twelve condoms (for a mere $2.99) in a mini Chinese take-out container and suddenly durex isn’t something you shamefacedly pick up at the pharmacy; it’s approchable and even trendy. At a time when the Quebec government is cutting out sex education in high schools (in spite of rising STD infections among Canadian youths), it’s more important than ever to sell safe sex. The Shag Shop, with its candy condom bins and lubricant samplers (flavours include strawberry cheesecake and melon), is a sexy necessity.

For ladies seeking alternative menstrual solutions, the shop also carries the Diva Cup. The Shag Shop is located at Student Health Services Clinic (Brown Building), 3511 Peel St. (at Dr. Penfield).



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