Starbucks meets Victoria’s Secret: Not your average cup of coffee.


Starbucks has never really appealed to me, but I’m told that in the region around Seattle (the powerhouse coffee chain’s birthplace and a city known for its high levels of coffee consumption) customers not only bastardize the Italian language to indicate cup size but use a special “Starbucks-lingo” to order their drinks. For example, if someone asks for a wet latte with legs what they mean is a latte high on milk, low on foam, to-go. However, due to the new crop of “sexpresso” coffee shops springing up in the same area, ordering a mug of java might never be the same again – but rest assured that it will still come with legs….and a large cup size.

Sexpresso kiosques are a new twist on the drive-thru window, with scantily clad baristas winking mischievously at clients as they hand out morning cups o’ joe. The girls who work the counters are often seen sporting tanks and hot pants (à la Hooters), lingerie, bikinis, or fetish outfits depending on the day’s theme (a popular choice is the schoolgirl look).

It’s certainly not a new idea to use sex
to sell, particularly in the food and service industry. Bosomy waitresses, servers, and barmaids have repeatedly profited from their, uh, assets, and let us not forget the tradition – and now stereotype – of the attractive flight attendant. Having flirtatious sexpots brew coffee pots is just adding flavour to the fierce caffeine-competition in and around Seattle, with an added perk for the men. However, these sexpresso chains may be onto something new that could give Starbucks a run for their money: coffee and sex appeal partnered together as the ultimate (full-body) wake-up in the early morning.

check out the seattle times and some of the coffee shops natte latte, cowgirls expresso



3 Responses to “Starbucks meets Victoria’s Secret: Not your average cup of coffee.”

  1. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    Actually, Seattleites look upon Starbucks with disdain. It sold out long ago when it went national. The real coffee places there are places like Tully’s and Seattle’s Best.

  2. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    Also interesting that none of the locations they mentioned are actually in Seattle. Most are in the south suburbs. One northeast, and one on the Olympic Peninsula.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Just so you know, Starbucks bought out Seattle’s Best, so technically its a part of the Starbucks family.

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