Would you trade sex for money?


No, this isn’t about prostitution. A study by women’s rag Company and Durex condoms discovered that 3 in 10 men would rather roll in riches than roll in the hay. 30% of the British men taking the survey confessed that they would give up sex for life if paid $2 million…with 1% pledging the celibacy oath if offered a lifetime supply of alcohol. The study fails to mention whether “no sex” would include masturbation or not, a factor that would clearly influence the upshot of the commitment.

Surprisingly, these results contradict another study recently undertaken, with research showing that sex makes people happier than money does. Economists David Blachflower and Andrew Oswald found sex to be a strong determinant of happiness; just increasing sex from once a month to once a week produces the same effects as gaining $50 000!

It then seems odd that some men would pick money over sex, but I think the choice is largely personal. Who wouldn’t pick money if they’re not getting any (anyways), or if their past experience has been, well, dry? Which leads me to the question: cash or ass?




One Response to “Would you trade sex for money?”

  1. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    I found the market price of sex in Washington, DC to be $1500 US. Men will offer that much to have sex once with a woman they haven’t even seen a picture of.

    It turns out that $1500 goes into $2,000,000 1333 times. If you’re not going to have sex 1333 times (about 3 times a week for 8.5 years), then yeah, the money would seem to be worth it. Personally, I’m holding onto hope despite all evidence.

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