The Four of Us


Did I ever think I would ever be in a situation like this one?No.
Did I ever think I could?No.
But I did.
I spent ten months(uh, and four days) in, most likely, the oddest relationship I could have ever imagined.
I “came out”(ok, I was never really “in” the closet: I basically told all my friends I was gay the moment I realized it!) about four years ago and due to my extremely shy side(or so I think), I spent the first three years being single. One day in November I hooked up with one of my good friends. It was great and marvellous and wonderful but only one thought came to me: “Uh, isn’t she married?”
So this is how it started. I began going to her place five times a week and soon enough, my girlfriend’s husband also hooked up with a girl friend. It was the four of us. We brought in a second twin matress in their room and made it as cozy as possible for all of us.
I know it must sound weird, all of this, but after a couple months, it stopped being bizarre or out of the ordinary. Waking up to people having sex beside me became a regular occurence and making out with my girlfriend in front of her husband became totally normal.
To answer your question, no, we didnt all have sex with eachother; we were like three couples. There were some times when the husband was there but all the attention was directed towards the girlfriend(hello, I’m gay!).
It worked really well for a while–way longer than I could have dreamed of–but at some point it had to fizzle. The husband was totally infatuated by the other girl and my girl didn’t want to hurt her husband the way she was hurting her. Then there was me, in love with my girlfriend who was forcing herself not to love me. Sure, it hurt, but I understood. My “goal” was never to break them up and I knew my girlfriend was feeling hurt by her husband. Nevertheless, I had to think about my mental health and on a rainy day in november, I broke up with her. It was terribly hard for the both of us–all of us, really–but it had to be done. We cried and hugged and slept together one last time. After that we talked on the phone but I made a point of not seeing her for at least two weeks to kind of try to get her out of my mind. The thing is, I always knew we were going to stay good friends because this wasn’t a normal breakup: I didn’t break up with her because I was sick of her or I hated her. I did it because I loved her too much and it hurt too much. She was well aware of it so she gave me the time I needed. She was wonderfully understanding.

It’s been three months since we are no longer together and things are still great, maybe even greater than before. I go chill with them(the ex and the husband–the other girl got herself a “real” boyfriend) at least once a week and have occasionnal booty calls; just enough to keep ourselves satisfied without actually going back to “that place”.

So that’s the story of the four of us–or a small fraction of it anyway.



6 Responses to “The Four of Us”

  1. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    How nice. What about those of us who try everything but still can’t get sex once? Wish I were gay…

  2. yummalicious Says:

    I was sex-less for 25 years.. i think i deserved SOME!(or a lot.. whatever)

  3. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    Got ya beat by 2 years…

  4. the ex-girlfriend Says:

    this story has nothing to do with being gay or not getting laid.
    this is one of those things people see in film and fantasize about, but to live through it takes a lot of work and emotional strength.
    so get over yourselves.

  5. Marie Says:

    Ya honey, you are right about that. Lots of work it took….

  6. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    How do you know it would take someone a lot of work and emotional strength to do when they’ve never had the chance to do it? Sounds like more irrational teasing of the sexless to me.

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