The Ride (part 2)


“We’ll be late for work”

“It’s our last day here!”


“No more talking. Let’s do…. other things now,” teased Emma.

“Good idea. Come here, then”, whispered Sophie, while she pulled on Emma’s jeans.

“Wait! How long do you think we have?”

“I thought I just heard someone say ‘no more talking’! Was that you?” Sophie curled her lips into a very sexy, irresistible half-smile.

“OK, I’ll shut up now.”


Sophie reached over and tugged on Emma’s jeans with much more force this time.

Feeling exceptionally aroused, Emma reached inside Sophie’s sexy, black lace panties and cupped her round ass.

Sophie jumped and said: “Cameras?!”

Emma flashed a big smile, pressed her lips against hers for a mere second, and said: “Let them have their last party. We’re never setting foot in this building again!”

“Oh my, you’re right again!” Sophie let out a little giggle.

“Now, you know I can’t resist you in these panties,” Emma said while she oogled her barely- there panties. She repeated the phrase she had uttered countless times before: “You’re way too hot!” With that, Emma leaned in and licked the contour of her lips lightly. Her hands slowly moved up Sophie’s shirt without giving too much away to the unseen men watching the security footage. Emma’s wandering fingers played with Sophie’s erect nipples while she anticipated the moment her tongue would be doing the playing instead.

She heightened Sophie’s pleasure by gingerly licking and sucking on her earlobes. Once again, as she’d predicted, Sophie purred with pleasure. Emma smiled at the thought that she could make her feel so hot. Lips were sucked and bit with an intensity that alternated from passionate to tender, and culminated into a frenzy of dizzying kisses. Both girls were now feeling very hot in their winter jackets. As they made a move to shed their wooly layers, they heard a loud beep, followed by another a mere two seconds later. The girls turned to the doors just in time to see them spread wide open. They instantly noticed that one of their managers was standing right in front of them.

As the girls sheepishly stepped off the elevator, Emma loudly exclaimed: “I can’t believe I actually elbowed that stop button by mistake! How ridiculous!” Sophie quickly turned, and raised an eyebrow.

Having successfully avoided any awkward confrontations, both Sophie and Emma fixed their slightly dishevelled hair with mischievous grins on their guilt-ridden faces.

“Pfff…work”, sighed Emma, with a disappointed look on her face.

“Actually, not for another seven minutes and…twenty seconds”, said Sophie as she looked up from her cellphone’s glowing screen.

“OH, you are bad! Just the way I like it!”

Sophie shrugged playfully and, with her smile spread wide, whispered: “I know”.

They headed to the door leading to the vacant part of the eighth floor. As they were about to close the door, they peeked out to make sure that no one was in sight. Relieved, the girls knew they were about to enjoy a short but very intense end to their interrupted elevator ride!



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