The Ride


As soon as the elevator doors closed, Sophie and Emma looked at each other and
smiled. Their smiles quickly faded though, as a foot suddenly wedged itself between the elevator doors, forcing them to open once again. Emma, unable to hide her irritation, mumbled under her breath. A big smile lit up her face, however, upon noticing that the obtrusive stranger was set to get off on the first floor. Ten seconds later, the man stepped off the elevator and onto an artificially lit floor, with light too harsh for the eyes. The two girls were quick to recover from the brief interruption though, as the elevator doors shut behind him.
Emma, being the one closest to the doors, turned around and faced Sophie, who was resting against the mirrors at the back of the elevator. With wild abandon, she lunged forward and pinned Sophie up against the wall. She transferred her weight to her toes to get herself a couple inches closer to Sophie’s lips. She quickly glanced back and noticed that they were already heading for the third floor. There was no time to lose; precious seconds were being wasted.

“We’ve got five floors”, she said almost breathlessly.

“Ya?” said Sophie in a convincingly demure tone.

“Yeah,” she huskily replied.

Emma’s lips softly touched Sophie’s as her hands reached for her ass under her bulky winter jacket. “God I love your ass,” she whispered in her ear. Sophie simply smiled and gave her a knowing look. With one hand on Sophie’s small, but fantastically round behind, Emma reached up with her other hand until she felt her tight ponytail. She gave her long mane a hard tug knowing full well how much Sophie loved that. As Emma predicted, a little moan escaped Sophie’s perfectly shaped, pouty mouth. The mere sound drove Emma mad with desire.

“Crap! Only one more floor left to go”, Sophie exclaimed.

She leaned in for one last urgent kiss before the elevator delivered them to work. While it was their very last day at this place, Emma didn’t want this moment to end. These devious escapades with Sophie in the elevators, and even in the empty stairwells before work, had been her salvation. They ultimately provided her with some goose-bump inducing daydreams – many of which she had grown to count on to help pass the workdays. She glanced over at Sophie and saw that they were both having the same wicked thought. “Fuck it,” she thought. Without a moment’s hesitation, she threw herself at the big red emergency “X” button, and felt the elevator come to an abrupt stop. A big smile lit up her face once more as she turned to look at her accomplice.

“Umm, I tripped?” she said with a devilish grin.

“You naughty, naughty girl!” replied Sophie, returning the grin.

Emma pulled Sophie by her jacket pockets, looked into her deep brown eyes and said:“We should have some time now.”

(to be continued)



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