Redlight Personal Profile 0011


Turn Ons: brunettes, no make-up (i.e. natural beauty), smarts, modesty, petite

Turn Offs: fake tans, double D’s, anyone who looks like Pamela Anderson &/or Britney Spears, poor taste in music

Fav. Sexual Position: Doggy

Fantasy/Fetish: doing it “risky business” movie style

Famous Person to do it with: Sophie Marseau

Horoscope Sign: Sagitarius Chinese Sign: Rooster

About me: smoker, sorta religious, Croatian



2 Responses to “Redlight Personal Profile 0011”

  1. jen Says:

    hey it’s Marceau not Marseau. Not that it makes much of a difference I guess, but just in case she sees this and gets pissed off and doesn’t ever want to do it with you there..uh.. Mr. double o-11 🙂

  2. nadine Says:

    Your email please? and name??

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