REDLIGHT premier issue…




7 Responses to “REDLIGHT premier issue…”

  1. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    this is insanely sexist. i have no interest in fucking a car.

  2. lawrence Says:

    Yo dude, beats a brown paper bag over her head man..

  3. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    No, the car is worse. 1) It’s trying to sell you something by exploiting your sexual desire. 2) Cars are the most destructive thing humankind has invented, after weapons.

  4. Von Munchausen Says:

    The magazine is obviously there for the young lady. Who wouldn’t rather peruse the cover Vanity Fair than be stared at by a pretty boy who spends more time doing his hair than doing you?

  5. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    Ok, but how many times can she read the cover? Her hands don’t seem to be turning pages…

  6. heather Says:

    That’s probably cause she fell asleep, would not blame her given most guys out there who THINK they are studs… god if only they knew how many of us fake it…waiting,, waiting for that existential Prince Charming. Fuckit now I’m really depressed.

  7. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    It sure doesn’t help things if women fake it rather than teaching men. Getting men off is much more obvious, and we’re not exactly taught anywhere how to get a woman off.

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