Redlight Personal Profile, McGill PhD Chemistry, 0012



Turn ons:
Tummies, backs, bellybuttons, short black hair, sweat, light eyes, Eastern Europeen accents, small well shaped boobs, big well shaped boobs

Turn offs: girls with a “great” personality, hair anywhere but head, floppy boobs, big bums, really big legs, Gunts!!

Fav. sexual position: girl on top facing away, girl on couch, kneeling over back, me behind, fun!

Fantasy\Fetish: all fantasies have been satisfied (up to 5 ways that is)

Famous person to do it with: Mandy Moore with short black hair, or Angelina Jolie but only in “Hackers” (short hair)

Horoscope Sign: pisces Chinese Sign: Boar

About me: You’re on a “need to know” basis



One Response to “Redlight Personal Profile, McGill PhD Chemistry, 0012”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    this dude is a total fucker. die

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