Game Theory vs. Nipple Theory


Gamblers, it’s said, will bet on anything, such as which raindrop will slide down widow glass first.You never hear someone say whether or not team X will beat team Y, it’s always, “I think they’ll cover the spread.”Now, some enterprising Internet sports books have come up with a new twist on the sport of girl watching.These guys are taking bets on which female celebrity will be the next to have a “wardrobe malfunction,” as happened to Janet Jackson. They however are posting odds and taking bets on who will have the next, as they are calling it, nipple slip.I, as I’m sure others do, often wonder just how “accidental” these events are.Many years ago when I read “Playboy,” they had an amusing and informative Q&A section, to which a neophyte asked the question:”If I’m with a woman, and her clothing is revealing, should I, or should I not, look at what is showing?”The response was: “Take a look, because a woman always knows, and has control over what is showing.”


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8 Responses to “Game Theory vs. Nipple Theory”

  1. Davros Says:

    Who cares about nipple slip bets, give us Name of Chick with Nipple Slip on pic!!

  2. isobel Says:

    This has got to be the most exploitive piece of trash. Why do you guys (gals??!!!) feel the need to exploit women’s bodies for publicity or whatever? I mean seriously.. there is so much that we women have to deal with out there, is this so necessary?? All this does is invite juvenile ‘boys’ to ogle and make asnine comments. I did not come on this site to see this kind of trailer trash pics. Brainwash indeed!

  3. svetla Says:

    Well this may or may not be representative viewpoint of my peers but I for one have no issues with images of nude body, female or otherwise. Much better that than violent images we see on television and in war. Believe me I come from Eastern Europe and anything is better than War.

  4. farouk Says:

    Hear Hear! make Love not War. All the prudes going on and on about sexist this sexist that… are missing the point!! NOTHING exploits worse than violence and hatred.

  5. davros Says:

    Look, the fact is, this girl is beautiful. Maybe not smart, but just as equal chance that she is. Why should we be ashamed to appreciate a great bod??

  6. isobel Says:

    oh pleese save the bullshit. You know the only reason this is even being discussed is because there is a picture of a naked nipple and your horny little minds can’t get over it.. Most of you guys would prefer she have double digit IQ just so you get an easy lay!

  7. franco Says:

    Not true. Single digit IQ will be just fine also.

  8. nessie Says:

    actually i was a little put off by the pic myself when i first read it. but when you read the article – well i rememeber not watching CNN for a week after the Janet Jackson business. I mean its just a nipple! God forbide these people go on a nude beach. The Horror.

    franco – thats a good one. appreciate the good laugh

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