we need reasons??


Chocolate is rich dark and satisfying
You are never disappointed when you open the wrapper
Chocolate doesn’t care how many you have eaten before
Chocolate always hits the spot
Chocolate doesn’t secretly want to be eaten by your best friend
Chocolate doesn’t think shopping chanel is stupid
Chocolate always smells good
Chocolate won’t ask “Am I the best?” or “How was it?”
It doesn’t sulk if you don’t want it first thing in the morning
Chocolates are easy to pick up
Chocolate satisfies even when soft
You can suck on chocolate in front of Mom
Chocolate never leaves a bad taste in your mouth
Chocolate never minds what time of the month it is
You don’t mind brown stains left by chocolate
With chocolate, size doesn’t matter, it’s always good
Chocolates do not wear white socks
Chocolate doesn’t mind when you crunch the nuts
With chocolate you don’t have to pretend you’ve never eaten one before
“If you love me you’ll swallow that” has real meaning with chocolate
You can have more than one a night without ruining your reputation
Chocolate doesn’t just think it’s smooth
Chocolates aren’t into rope or leather
You can tell just by looking at it, it hasn’t been in anyone else’s mouth
Hard chocolate is easy to find
Great Chocolates are always available.



26 Responses to “we need reasons??”

  1. christine Says:

    YEA! You Go Girl!!!

  2. svetla Says:

    o my God.. YES!

  3. lauren gottlieb Says:

    This is definitely being emailed to every single girlfriend (and Guys! ha ha) on my list!

  4. davros Says:

    Hey! You chicks are worse than us guys man…

  5. katie Says:

    Yeah well take a dose of your own medicine

  6. nessie Says:

    it’s our poster in our girls washroom. everyone goes to our washroom to check the poster out and no offence but guys just can’t keep the toilet clean. So we desided to post it – best of two worlds. Live on Divas

  7. rosa Says:

    (Wolfe Whistle…) dunno gals the guy looks pretty hot too 😉 I think I want him, chocolate ADDS weight HE looks like he can help me take it off ha ha!!

  8. nessie Says:

    really? He is not my type. Too bad no johnny depp! Now if only I were good in photoshop

  9. ender Says:

    😀 it does not matter to me if chocolate is the favourite for girls … I love to play with chocolate 😀 … and … eating it … from my girlfriend.

  10. nessie Says:

    right – but will it still be the same ‘song and dance’ once she becomes wife? you know – mother vs. mistress debate!

  11. ender Says:

    ??? no I don’t know… really.

  12. ender Says:

    What do you mean?…

    Oh!… maybe I have understood. Do you mean that when a girl becomes a mother or wife she is not (or she does not feel) anymore sexy… or that her husband does not consider her anymore as a “good lover”.

    Mmmmm! It could be possible. I should experience that situation before I can tell my opinion.
    Anyway I am not still married even if I live with my girlfriend from almost 5 years.

  13. qwerty Says:

    Hi Nessie, I have to agree too; Chocolate is better than a man. This phenomenon has spawned the “Here-she-is” bar.

  14. nessie Says:

    ooo that sounds like a really cool place (next to bw of course). Youve got a link.

  15. nessie Says:

    Ender – FYI I love your other websites (the italian ones)

    & concernng the M&M concept – dont think its as clear cut as that. Its more like the mother cant be sexy because she will ‘kiss the checks of your children’ which files out well – you all know.

    any comments on an evolution to this concept?

  16. franco Says:

    For your information we Italiens have term for this, the Madonna-Slut Paradox,,,

  17. kannan Says:

    chocoLATE for one time use only. you need to buy it again to enjoy it.

  18. The Luberific Says:

    kannan has a point there.
    In the end, you’d have to compare it to a gigolo. $$$

  19. nessie Says:

    Fraco – italian as i am – perhaps those particular distastful terms are used in the secret meetings of italian men BUT it is much more POETIC to repeat mother/ mistress. You dont agree???

    Gigolo??!! Alright- then chocolate wins. You get more for your dollors worth per square inch

  20. brainy blonde Says:

    Ha ha, more per square inch. you got that right!!

  21. lauren gottlieb Says:

    Hi Guys. umm.. I WANT this poster. So I went to allposters.com but..you guessed it SOLD OUT. Not only that, price seems a whopping $47 plus tax! My question is.. HELP!!!

  22. lawrence Says:

    Jesus Christ.. ouch my balls hurt. Not fair. ‘..crunch the nuts?!!’

  23. nessie Says:

    We picked it up at a garage sale. You are all more than welcome to come by and take a p at bw in the girls washroom. Front row seats. THough warning if demand is high I may have to start selling tickets

  24. lisa Says:

    Funny how most of the male customers at brainwash have seen the poster…yet as nessie mentioned, it’s only displayed in the girls’ washroom.

  25. nessie Says:

    well lisa – i ave to admit something and considering i have the saftly of the computer … well i always tell the guys to go to the girls washroom just so they can get a read. In fact – I think the bw team members should hold a vote (yall are invited to cast a ballot) – I would like to submit to the BW Senate a bill to pass, considering these times of crisi, on an issue thatwill help us through these hard times of war, weapons of mass distruction that someone will eventually make, and immigration. I ask the Senate to please allow for our washrooms to become ‘Ally McBealafied’. This is contingent on all male customers signing a “I will try my best to Aim’ contract.

    What say you, my peers?

  26. Sandwich Repairman Says:

    Men can keep the toilet clean. You must not know the right ones.

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